Ludham Airfield is closed to visiting aircraft unless they have exceptional permission.

Those with this permission will already know they have it. Any dditional requests will be turned down. 

This situation is in place due to concerns regarding liability resolutions elsewhere. 


South side of runway has been changed to grass although it may look good to land on it is undulating and has a few soft patches, DO NOT LAND ON IT, it is OK to taxi on and if you run off the runway onto it it will be OK, most of the edge is level with the concrete.

Ludham Airfield is open for visitors at pilots and passengers risk only, strictly PPR for pilot briefing.

No landing fee but donations appreciated to our runway mainainance fund.

See flight guides but note that Ludham’s runway is of a reduced width from what is published and surface is loose in places. We are now using 129.830 'Ludham Micro' as we have a resident microlight training aircraft.

Make 'Ludham Traffic' calls of your intentions on 129.830, state 'Ludham Traffic' on both ends of your call.
Priory Farm also use 129.830 so it is important to differentiate.

Avoid circuits apart from runway inspection, please be kind to our neighbours.

Downwind to the North clear of habitation, route clear of houses where possible.

Keep out of controlled airspace unless specifically cleared to enter, remember that max height above Ludham is less than 1500 feet Norwich QNH.

Communication with Norwich ATC approaching and after leaving the airfield is recommended and our standard operating approach, 119.355 ‘Norwich Radar’

128.630 or 01603 420640 for Norwich  auto ATIS

Aircraft parking is on South side grass clear of apron under the windsock.

PPR from Don on  07747535135 or Clive on 07979510369

See approach tips HERE